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“A horse is a horse, of course, of course”

When I was a kid, my family NEVER missed an airing of Mr. Ed. We would watch the show, laugh together, and perhaps learn a life lesson from that little sit-com. While not at all surprising that I would have no clue to what my future held, it is still interesting to me that I had no idea that horses would eventually be an intricate part of my future…thanks to my little equestrian.

Photographing equestrian is somewhat new to me. I have only been shooting it for the past few years. There is much to learn. It has its own rhythm, pace, and timing. I am educating myself by studying works of other equestrian photogs I admire to learn the qualities of a great “horse picture”.

Following is a set of photographs taken from an equestrian competition in which my daughter’s barn participated this past weekend. For several of these young ladies, it was the first time they competed in the particular event in which they rode.

Sometimes, it is about crafting a spectacular portrait. Other times, it is about documenting an event that will never be repeated and capturing that moment in time for posterity. I have learned from some great photographers, it also can be about both.

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